Sac County

Sac County was originally established in 1851 but remained attached to neighboring counties until 1856. The county was named in honor of the tribe of Sac Native Americans who, with the Fox tribe, inhabited the area before white settlers began to arrive.

Otho Williams, the first settler in Sac County, was venturing west from Michigan, trying to escape the bustling cities and overpopulated East. Williams settled where he called Big Grove, later renamed Grant City, Iowa, in 1853. He established his homestead in what he deemed the most beautiful land in the country, away from all familiar civilization. When people began to settle near Grant City, Williams packed his homestead and moved west, once again fleeing a populated area.

The first groups of settlers began arriving in the county in 1854. Most of them settled in the vicinity of Sac City or Grant City. Mr. Eugene Criss, one of the settlers who arrived in 1856, played a crucial part in the county during the early years of its establishment. Mr. Criss and his family built the first house in the county but it served multiple purposes. Mr. Criss’ home became the only stagecoach stop between Fort Dodge and Sioux City and was also the location of the first elections held in Sac County.

Sac County has had three Courthouses throughout its history. The first was a simple log cabin but was quickly outgrown. The second was built in 1873, and it was a magnificent structure similar to area courthouses being constructed at the time. This Courthouse was destroyed on October 3, 1888 when a prisoner being held in the jail attempted to escape by setting it ablaze. The fire quickly spread to the rest of the Courthouse and completely burned the building. The prisoner succeeded in his escape only to be caught once more and returned to jail. A new Courthouse began construction almost immediately and has served the people of Sac County well.

Source: Sac Economic Tourism and Development

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