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Main Office

Region XII Council of Governments
1009 East Anthony Street, P.O. Box 768
Carroll, IA 51401
Phone: (712) 792-9914
Fax: (712) 792-1751

Transit Facilities

Crawford County Transit Facility
615 Avenue C
Denison, IA 51442
Phone: (712) 263-6661
Email: [email protected]

Greene County Transit Facility
601 West Wall Street
Jefferson, IA 50129
Phone: (515) 386-2416
Email: [email protected]

Staff Listing


Rick Hunsaker, Executive Director[email protected]  Direct Phone Number:  712-775-7800

Mark Thomsen, Fiscal Officer[email protected]  Direct Phone Number:  712-775-7801

Tami Lehmann, Business RLF Administrator – [email protected]  Direct Phone Number:  712-775-7802

Scott Steffen, Loan Officer – [email protected] Direct Phone Number:  712-775-7804

Ashley Brincks, Executive Assistant – [email protected]Direct Phone Number:  712-775-7777

Julie Larsen, Fiscal Clerk[email protected]  Direct Phone Number:  712-775-7803

Local Assistance

Chris Whitaker, Local Assistance Director[email protected]  Direct Phone Number:  712-775-7811

Lauren Mortensen, Economic Development Planner II[email protected]  Direct Phone Number:  712-775-7814

Alex Foley, Regional Planner – [email protected]  Direct Phone Number:  712-775-7815

Luke Hamill, Regional Planner[email protected]  Direct Phone Number:  712-775-7812

Nina Nassif, Regional Planner – [email protected]  Direct Phone Number:  712-775-7822

Karla Janning, Housing Programs Coordinator[email protected]  Direct Phone Number 712-775-7825

Ashley Owen, Housing Specialist – [email protected]  Direct Phone Number:  712-775-7823

Aaron Schulz, Housing Inspector – [email protected]  Direct Phone Number:  712-775-7826

Brett Nieland, Housing Inspector [email protected]  Direct Phone Number:  712-775-7824

Shelly Codner, Iowa Waste Exchange Coordinator/Specialist – [email protected]

Paige Alesch, Iowa Waste Exchange Specialist[email protected]  Direct Phone Number:  712-775-7813

Western Iowa Transit

Matt Cleveland, Transit Director – [email protected]  Direct Phone Number:  712-775-7830

Jill Anthofer, Transit Assistant – [email protected]  Direct Phone Number:  712-775-7831

Mike Rath, Service Manager[email protected]  Direct Phone Number:  712-775-7832

Chris Brown, Office Assistant – [email protected]  Direct Phone Number:  712-775-7833

Crawford County Transit Facility, Denison – [email protected]

Greene County Transit Facility, Jefferson – [email protected]

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