Transportation Planning

Region XII COG is the transportation planning authority for the region as designated by the boards of supervisors of the six counties located within its boundaries. As the Regional Planning Affiliation (RPA), Region XII COG has come to be recognized as an ideal vehicle for addressing transportation planning issues that require a regional perspective.

The COG’s transportation planning staff is composed of the Executive Director, the Local Assistance Director, two Planners, and the Transit Director. In addition, at times, agency management may direct additional staff support to insure timely completion of transportation related tasks.


Region XII Policy Committee

The Region XII COG Policy Council has appointed itself as the RPA Policy Committee responsible for establishing local policy and transportation planning activities. The Policy Committee will conduct business during Policy Council meetings or Executive Board meetings. The Policy Council comprises¬†four appointed representatives from each member county as well as ex-officio memberships from the Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT), the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). Three members from each county are appointed by the boards of supervisors of the six counties, while the remaining member from each county is appointed by the COG Policy Council’s Executive Board to maintain diversity among the committee’s members. The Executive Board consists of one county supervisor from each member county; this member is also one of the three county-appointed Policy Council members.


Technical Advisory Committee

The RPA XII Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) was established by the Policy Committee and consists of one representative from each member county, one member each from the cities of Carroll and Denison, and one representative from Western Iowa Transit. The TAC also has ex-officio members representing IDOT, FHWA, and FTA.


Transit Roundtable XII Committee

An outcome of the 2006 Mobility Action Workshop was the development of a new advisory group to discuss transit coordination and need for services. The Transit Roundtable XII Committee (TR XII) is made of up transit providers and users from across the region. TR XII is charged with the oversight of the Region XII Passenger Transportation Development Plan as well as ways to increase coordination and improve service.


County Transportation Stakeholder Committees

The County Transportation Stakeholder Committees are composed of the county’s representative(s) to the RPA XII TAC, a representative of the board of supervisors, and representatives from any groups interested in having a voice on the committee. Typically, these are those who have transportation enhancement interests, small cities, aviation, significant employers, shippers, development officials, and like organizations. Private individuals are also invited to participate. Ex-officio representation is extended to Western Iowa Transit and IDOT.

Region XII COG transportation planning staff will facilitate the RPA XII Policy Committee, TAC, TR XII, and county meetings and offer assistance and recommendations throughout the regional planning process.

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